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Updated 2015-2016 Rosters Mail In Service
Normally $40
Sale price only $35

Mailing your memory card is a fast and affordable method for receiving our updated 2015-2016 rosters that will work for the video game NCAA Football 14. To make playing NCAA Football more enjoyable.... Please follow the directions below.

PS3 Owners (Read): If you own a USB flash drive you can mail it in to us. If you do not own a USB flash drive you can use our
Purchase New USB or our Download Service.

1. Purchase a padded envelope (Do not use regular letter envelope or it may get shredded in mail sorters). Padded envelopes can be found at the Post Office, UPS, Wal-Mart, and Target.

NCAA EA 14 Rosters Mail In

2. Write your address in the upper left hand corner of envelope (see above). Then write our address in the middle of envelope (see above):
P.O. Box 1847
Iowa City, IA 52244

3. Place a $1.95 minimum in postage in the upper right hand corner of envelope (see above).

4. Write your e-mail address, what rosters you are purchasing and for what system, and your mailing address on a piece of paper (see below) and place inside envelope. Please write legibly

Mail In NCAA EA 15-16 Rosters

5. Place your payment of $35 dollars and your memory card inside envelope. (We accept cash, check, and money order) Make checks payable to
You can also pay now if you like (Be sure to include receipt):

Please Note:
#1 Do not use regular envelope or your memory card may get shredded in the mail sorters.

#2 Remember to include your payment of $35.00.

#3 Remember to include a note with your e-mail address and what system (PS3 or Xbox 360) you're purchasing the rosters for.

#4 We typically process and mail back memory cards the same day they are received.