Toughest Places to Play in NCAA Football 14’s predicted Top 25 toughest places to play in NCAA 14.


Rankings from last year are in parentheses. Tell us who you think has the best home field advantage in our our toughest places to play comments section below!
LSU Tiger Stadium NCAA 13
1. LSU – Tiger Stadium (1)
2. Alabama – Bryant-Denny Stadium (2)
3. Ohio State – Ohio Stadium (4)
4. Florida – Ben Hill Griffin Stadium (5)
5. Oklahoma – Gaylord Family-Oklahoma Memorial Stadium (3)
6. Texas A&M – Kyle Field (22)
7. Oregon – Autzen Stadium (14)
8. Michigan – Michigan Stadium (6)
9. Penn State – Beaver Stadium (7)
10. Virginia Tech – Lane Stadium (9)
11. Wisconsin – Camp Randall Stadium (8)
12. Notre Dame – Notre Dame Stadium (19)
13. Clemson – Clemson Memorial Stadium (12)
14. Georgia – Sanford Stadium (16)
15. Nebraska – Memorial Stadium (11)
16. Florida State – Doak S. Campbell Stadium (17)
17. Stanford – Stanford Stadium (NR)
18. Texas – DKR-Texas Memorial Stadium (13)
19. South Carolina – Williams-Brice Stadium (NR)
20. Boise State – Bronco Stadium (18)


21. USC – Los Angeles Coliseum (23)
22. West Virginia – Mountaineer Field (121)
23. Auburn – Jordan-Hare Stadium (10)
24. Oklahoma State – Boone Pickens Stadium (25)
25. Tennessee – Neyland Stadium (24)

Honorable Mentions for NCAA 14 toughest places to play top 25 list: Michigan State, Iowa, Kansas State, Arkansas, UCLA


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18 Responses to “Toughest Places to Play in NCAA Football 14”

  1. Bill James says:

    Stanford? Is this some kind of joke? They have arguably the single worst home field advantage of any team in a BCS conference. Whoever ranked them so high should be fired, as they clearly are ignorant about college football.

  2. Jim R. says:

    Hmmm, I understand that you may not feel like Stanford’s home crowd is intimidating, but one might take into account the fact that the Cardinal has gone a pretty solid 29-3 at home in the past five years … Not to mention the fact that Stanford has managed to emerge victorious in 26 of its past 27 games played in CA, including, by the way, the last four against USC and the past four against UCLA. I think that puts the program in the discussion, no?

  3. Chris says:

    What about NC State’s Carter-Finley Stadium?

    Certainly deserves more mention than Stanford, UCLA, or Boise State.

  4. Steve S says:

    Uh, Jim, home field advantage has nothing to do with how good a team is and everything to do with how hard it is to play in a given stadium.

  5. Wilbert Dunkel says:

    Ummm, have you ever been to Vaught Hemingway stadium (Ole Miss)? One word… the Grove! Did you not see our DOMINATING end of the year performance? Did you not see our recruiting class? Guys, this is a dynasty in the making and soon to be 4 time outright national champions. You probably thought we were all baseball, but we are football in Mississippi, and have been since our establishment. Unlike hickville (M$U), we are class, we are prestige, we are opulent, we are affluent, we are Ole Miss, the pride and Harvard of the south!

  6. Bob says:

    I agree with Carter-Finley. And it *should* be based on how hard it is to play in a given stadium, but clearly the Stanford inclusion shows that it’s based quite a bit on home record.

  7. Michael says:

    Wilbert Dunkel is a typical Ole Miss homer. Anything you can do they can do better.

  8. Wilbert Dunkel says:

    Michael, we have… and we always will. We just cured aids for God’s sake. The Ole Miss family deserves your utmost respect. Here at Oxford, we have fashioned the finest and grandest of college avenues. We are the flagship of the South.… Read it and weep, the individuals we produce it unequal and insurmountable. Like I said… We are class, we are prestige, we are opulent, we are affluent, we are Ole Miss.

  9. Rebelmania says:

    HOTTY TODDY!!! Win the Day Rebs! Lock the Vaught, done by the students, is wild and one of the best traditions in college football. We started it first, along with the tail gating atmosphere (uhhh, the Grove? Are you like stupid?) WE have 3 national championships, and Alabama struggled in Oxford last year.

  10. OleMissByDamn says:

    This is our year… Our recruiting class was bar none the most talented. We are not white-washed, and refuse to leave behind our culture. We are the pride of the South and will always observe our confederate heritage. We stick to our principles and deep roots. We will always be rebels and fight for supremacy.

  11. HottyToddy08 says:

    This list is b.s… Has this idiot ever been to an Ole Miss game? We perennially bring the top crowds and atmosphere. Look how teams struggle at our place. We just one a huge bowl game and look to going back to the national scene very soon. Ole Miss is back to it’s glory days. RISE REBEL NATION!!!!!! HOTTY F’N TODDY!!!!!

  12. Blake Jones says:

    HottyToddy, I doubt they have. If they did, they’d have us at number 1. If any of you have ever been to Oxford, you’d never leave. We have the most beautiful women, wildest parties, and best game day experience in the country.

  13. Matt PSU says:

    All are tough but over 100,000 is special

  14. Dave says:

    Mississippi is many things, but ‘affluent’ is not one of them. It’s poor, uneducated, and brings down the rest of the conference.

  15. Dave says:

    “Southern heritage” is called “laziness.” Reap the benefits of slaves forced to work for you. You MUST be proud.

  16. jerry says:

    I’m really sure wvu is 22. we are so loud we incite riots


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