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2009 College Football Top 5 Conference Games

Tuesday, August 4th, 2009

It’s been awhile since we last posted a blog update; we have been busy working on producing and distributing our rosters for NCAA 10. Now that we’ve got some time to blog again, we’ll continue our series of “Top 5’s” with the Top 5 Conference Games of 2009. Let’s jump right in.

5. Oklahoma State @ Oklahoma, Nov. 28th


SEC Football Predictions 2009

Tuesday, June 9th, 2009

Why is the SEC the best conference in college football? Let’s hear your opinion in the comments!

rosters 2009 SEC Conference football predictions. (more…)


Most Popular Teams in NCAA Football 10 Online

Thursday, May 28th, 2009 president Brian Kaldenberg breaks down what he thinks will be the five most used teams in NCAA Football 10 online.

  • 1. Florida – It’s even going to be tough for Seminole fans to avoid sneaking in a few games using Florida. 2008’s most dominate team in the nation returns its entire defense (yes all 11 starters) and Tim Tebow. Add the constant home run threat of Brandon James, the stable of talented backs, and Florida’s intimidating home field advantage to the mix and you’ve got what will easily be NCAA Football 10’s most heavily used team.
  • 2. Oklahoma – Bradford is going to one of the top passers in the game. The Sooners return 9 of defense, and the running back tandem of Chris Brown and DeMarco Murray will be able to wear down defenses. Many will enjoy wreaking havoc in the backfield with DT Gerald McCoy.
  • 3. Texas – A tough call between Oklahoma and Texas. Colt McCoy’s speed is what really makes Texas intriguing. Most people don’t realize how fast Colt McCoy actually is. The Longhorns will be loaded on offense with McCoy’s top target, Jordan Shipley returning. The defense lost too many in the front seven to be considered dominant, but the secondary remained in tact for the most part.
  • 4. Oklahoma St. – As you can see, the Big 12 South is looking pretty weak again this year. Outside of Florida, the Cowboys may have the second most explosive offense in college football. Dez Bryant is back at wideout, while Zac Robinson returns behind center along with running back Kendall Hunter. A total of 8 starters return to last year’s #6 offense in the nation.
  • 5. Ohio State – The Tyrelle Pryor show returns for season two. Ohio State lost Jenkins, Wells, Laurinaitis, and many others. But like most blue chip factories, the Buckeyes will reload. And Pryor will provide plenty of excitement.

That wraps up our top five most heavily used teams segment. Check back later this week for our “Top five B+ or lower teams to use in NCAA 10 online”. Agree or disagree with our comments? Well then let’s hear yours in our comments section below.