NCAA Football 13 Player Ratings (Predictions)


Note: does not edit the player ratings when they edit the rosters… these are just our predictions for what we think the ratings will be for the top players in NCAA Football 13. Also remember that these ratings are what we think NCAA 13 will rate the players, not how we would necessarily rate them. Please sign up for a chance to win a free copy of NCAA Football 13 on our homepage:


Top Five Quarterbacks

  • #1 Matt Barkley, USC: 97 Overall
  • #2 Landry Jones, Oklahoma: 95 Overall
  • #3 Tyler Wilson, Arkansas: 95 Overall
  • #4 Denard Robinson, Michigan: 94 Overall
  • #5 Mike Glennon, NC State: 93 Overall

Top Five Running Backs

  • #1 Marcus Lattimore, South Carolina: 97 Overall
  • #2 Montee Ball, Wisconsin: 97 Overall
  • #3 Knile Davis, Arkansas: 95 Overall
  • #4 Joseph Randle, Oklahoma State: 94 Overall
  • #5 Kenjon Barner, Oregon: 92 Overall

Top Five Wide Receivers

  • #1 Robert Woods, USC: 98 Overall
  • #2 Sammy Watkins, Clemson: 95 Overall
  • #3 Keenan Allen, California: 94 Overall
  • #4 Marquess Wilson, Washington State: 94 Overall
  • #5 Tavon Austin, West Virginia: 94 Overall

Top Five Tight Ends

  • #1 Tyler Eifert, Notre Dame: 90 Overall
  • #2 Chris Gragg, Arkansas: 90 Overall
  • #3 Michael Williams, Alabama: 89 Overall
  • #4 Philip Lutzenkirchen, Auburn: 88 Overall
  • #5 Zach Ertz, Stanford: 88 Overall

Top Five Offensive Lineman

  • #1 Barrett Jones, Alabama: 98 Overall
  • #2 Khaled Holmes, USC: 96 Overall
  • #3 Chance Warmack, Alabama: 95 Overall
  • #4 Oday Aboushi, Virginia: 94 Overall
  • #5 Ricky Wagner, Wisconsin: 94 Overall


Top Five Linebackers

  • #1 Manti Te’o, Notre Dame: 98 Overall
  • #2 Chase Thomas, Stanford: 97 Overall
  • #3 Jarvis Jones, Georgia: 95 Overall
  • #4 Kevin Reddick, North Carolina: 95 Overall
  • #5 Shayne Skov, Stanford: 95 Overall

Top Five Defensive Backs

  • #1 Tyrann Mathieu, LSU: 98 Overall
  • #2 David Amerson, NC State: 97 Overall
  • #3 T.J. McDonald, USC: 97 Overall
  • #4 Bacarri Rambo, Georgia: 96 Overall
  • #5 Johnthan Banks, Mississippi State: 95 Overall

Top Five Defensive Lineman

  • #1 Sam Montgomery, LSU: 97 Overall
  • #2 Corey Lemonier, Auburn: 95 Overall
  • #3 Brandon Jenkins, Florida State: 95 Overall
  • #4 Alex Okafor, Texas: 94 Overall
  • #5 Kawann Short, Purdue: 94 Overall


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23 Responses to “NCAA Football 13 Player Ratings (Predictions)”

  1. Let’s hear what you think about our NCAA Football 13 player ratings predictions.

  2. Jordan Harris says:

    Lots of SEC players on these lists. Lots of SEC.

  3. WVUEERS12 says:

    Really? Geno Smith not even the top 5…? People need to learn football. Denard is terrible and Mike Glennon is not nowhere near Geno. People still hating

  4. I’d take Denard over Geno Smith though.

  5. Jeffrey Sondheimer says:

    no denard robsion isnt a true passer so he more of a scramble even the espn announcer said that. he should be at leat a 80 overall but top 4 best out there same with glennen of nc state. i have never heared of him there are better senior or get better quaterback over said denard should be top for was stupid he still haasnt proven hes a good passer most of his big plays or with his legs. top 3 is good in my opionin

  6. Jeffrey Sondheimer says:

    also do u have team rating for every team up yet for ucla

  7. mike says:

    Any idea when team ratings will be released

  8. CHOOPY says:

    screw that denard can rarely complete 50% of his passes

  9. arron murray is rated 95 and a qb why is he not in the top five?

  10. Martin Moore says:

    Mike Glennon may not be a dual threat but that boy can play in the pocket and has the best arm I’ve seen in a while. Geno is good but NC State whooped up on them in the bowl a couple years ago. Denard is nasty but inconsistent in his decision making.

  11. Jon says:

    Mike Glennon as a top 5 qb in NCAA is a joke. He is totally erratic. I wouldn’t even have him in my top 5 in the ACC. Top 5 qb’s in ACC would be Logan Thomas (Va Tech), EJ Manuel (FSU), Tajh Boyd (Clemson), Tanner Price (WFU), and Bryn Renner (UNC)

  12. Mike says:

    Jake Stoneburner is the top NFL prospect at TE and he did not even break into the top 5? He is a great blocker, good size, good speed and lastly great hands even for a WR. And for the QBs Logan Thomas from VT is clearly a top 5 even top 3 QB this year. For the RB Eddie Lacy is going to be a top 5 RB from Bama the rankings is this game are BS and mean almost nothing especially since they don’t update them in the middle of the season.

  13. Cameron Aberle says:

    Where is Rex Burckhead he is considered a Heisman canidate and he isn’t even in the top 5 RBs thats makes no sence he is going to be a beast.

  14. cole says:

    Um i pretty sure james franklin qb for mizzou should b up there i mean seriously mike glennon? cmon mizzou=underrated ull see

  15. Quinton Somerville says:

    Where is Clowney and Taylor from the Gamecocks the best DE tandem in the nation this season

  16. Quinton Somerville says:

    Clowney and Taylor best DE tandam in the nation this season

  17. Rellis says:

    #44 DE for Texas who is a 94 overall is not Alex Okafor it is Jackson Jeffcoat, lets get some validity in here lol

  18. Rellis says:

    DE #44 for Texas who is the 94 overall is not Alex Okafor, it is Jackson Jeffcoat.

  19. TulsaMoose918 says:

    The only QB’s on this list that are real top 5’s are Barkley of USC and Jones of OU. All the others are interchangable. Who’s gonna argue that they’re top 2?

  20. TulsaMoose918 says:

    The only QB’s on the list that belong in the top 5 are Jones of OU & Barkley of USC. All the others are interchangable. Who’s gonna argue that these 2 are in the correct spots on the list?

  21. Mitch6229 says:

    Well we can all agree that mike glennon is not a top 5 qb but denard Robinson may be one of the best sole rushing qbs in the last 5years regardless of his passing skills Arron Murry should be in the top 5 and Monty ball should be the numb 1 at at lest a 98 and I dont care what you do with latte ore as long as he’s numb 2 for durability issues but besides that everything looks ok

  22. BjayeWVUBound says:

    Are you serious denard over Geno? Denard can’t throw the ball, did you watch the Michigan state game? Or any quality game this year? He can’t throw. And the NC state kid I’ve never actually watched him so idk but in that bowl game that wasn’t him that was Russel at QB that beat us. Also Geno was a Sophmore…but last year check the numbers. Shredded LSU defense and well every defense except USF last year. Geno and Barkley are the two best QBs in the country this year….-_- tf y’all talkin about?!?


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