UPDATE: NCAA Football 10 Top 25 Rankings

The pre-season Top 25 rankings for NCAA 10 have been released! These are the pre-season rankings that will be on the game, so check out where your team fits in the Top 25 (if they made it)…

1. Florida
2. Oklahoma
3. Texas
4. USC
5. LSU
6. Alabama
7. Ohio State
8. Penn State
9. Oklahoma State
10. Virginia Tech


11. Ole Miss
12. Oregon
13. Georgia
14. Boise State
15. Cal
16. North Carolina
17. BYU
18. Georgia Tech
19. TCU
20. Florida State
21. Nebraska
22. Iowa
23. West Virginia
24. Utah
25. Kansas

Be sure to check back soon for who we think is overrated and underrated and who got snubbed, and as always, let us know your thoughts in our comments section.

Continue reading to compare the actual top 25 with our predictions from April.


Gamerosters.com annual NCAA Football 10 Top 25 Predictions. **Please note these are just our predictions and not the actual EA Sports NCAA 10 Top 25 rankings.


1. Florida
2. Oklahoma
3. USC
4. Ohio State
5. Alabama
6. Oregon
7. LSU
8. Texas
9. Virginia Tech
10. West Virginia
11. Iowa

Rankings Predictions

12. Georgia Tech
13. Michigan St.
14. Oklahoma St.
15. Ole Miss
16. Georgia
17. Florida St.
18. Utah
19. California
20. Penn St.
21. Pitt
22. Nebraska


23. Miami
24. Tennessee
25. TCU


Just missing the cut: North Carolina, Boise St., Clemson, Cincinnati, Missouri, Arizona St., Auburn, Texas Tech, Notre Dame, Boston College, Houston, Wisconsin

Agree or disagree with our rankings predictions? Share your opinion in our comments section.

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48 Responses to “UPDATE: NCAA Football 10 Top 25 Rankings”

  1. Arin says:

    Hi!It’s a awesome post

  2. Hookem81 says:

    come on Texas number 8. top 3 number 1 in my book.

  3. Mountaineernation5 says:

    honestly im a huge wvu fan but they should not be top 10 but maybe top 20 and defenitly top 25.

  4. Ronnie Reeves says:

    TEXAS 2 or 3 Max…. There should be NO teams with a rushing oriented OFFENSE ahead of the HORNS.

  5. Hoggy Style says:

    FL, USC, OK, TX, AL my top 5

    Ohio St lost alot of role players and shouldnt be anywhere near the top 5, maybe 10th.
    West Virginia’s loss of Pat White drops them down to the 20-25 area.
    Penn St lost their top WR, Pitt lost their top RB
    Whats with the Florida love, with FL FL St & Miami all in the top 25 its been several years since we’ve seen that

  6. thad says:

    about time you put iowa in the poll and you give usc to much credit their just like the basketball program and pay athletes

  7. Spers says:

    I like the Iowa pick. They have a lot of talent coming back on offense and defense. Even with the loss of Shonn Greene they will still be strong at the position.

    I dont know about Michigan State pick, theyre very inconsistent

  8. b-rad says:

    I’ll bet Boise St. is in the top 25 insted of Miami. Oregon should be in top 5. GO DUCKS!

  9. mike says:

    based on some videos released by ea sports, you can see that Florida will be #1. FSU will be #20. VT will be #17. Miami will be unranked. LSU is #5. Bama is #6. UNC is #16.Ohio State is #7. Oklahoma State is #9. USC is #4.

  10. mike says:

    i think some of those rankings from the videos released by EA could change. I expect VT to be ranked higher especially. for any miami fans, jacory harris appears to be an impact player in one of the videos released by EA. I’m very excited about that. Go Canes

  11. watch florida state climb to the top, were the underdawg again this year… but just watch, we have a quarterback and nice running game, great recievers at that with lovely recruiting, just watch the noles.

  12. jrid3 says:

    no north carolina?

  13. john says:

    texas is easily top 3 and ole miss will be in the top 10 guarenteed

  14. shady25pitt says:

    pitt lost both of their running backs, but have 2 good tall recievers, johnathon baldwin a sophmore is 6’6 and very fast, and they return a great defensive line and corners

  15. a payne says:

    too many usc haters we rebuild every year and have 2 to 3 players waiting for their turn every year damien williams,joe mcknight and johnson should be in the mix as dynamic offensive players

  16. Caleb says:

    Ok im a huge bama fan but florida deserves to be 1st my top 5 is
    #1 Florida
    #2 Oklahoma
    #3 Texas
    #4 Alabama
    #5 LSU
    I dont know where they get oregon from and usc needs to fall they play in the pee wee league in the pac-10 everybody should know by now that the SEC is the best conference and OSU shouldnt be top 5
    ROLL TIDE ROLL !!!!!!!!!

  17. brian346 says:

    Go dogs they should be in the top ten

  18. Kevin J. says:

    Hey Caleb – If the PAC 10 is so pee wee, then why do they have a 9 – 6 victory margin from 1998 – 2007 over SEC opponents? Touche!

  19. ryan says:

    because the computer puts your top teams against our weak ones and as u can see by your 9-6 margin… were doin a good job at holdin our own against yals top dogs. it will be florida or bama winning the champ. anyway so why does it matter. ROLL TIDE!!!!

  20. Josh B. says:

    What is LSU doing at number 5? They should be like number 17 or 18. Like the other predictions and rankings though.

  21. Billy says:

    UNC is too high. Love what butch Davis is doing but they haven’t made it that far yet. And virgina tech top 10 and FSU 20? Let’s remember the noles beat the hookies pretty bad last year. Noles have the 5th ranked o-line in the nation, a smart experienced QB, and one of the top linebacking corps in the nation. FSU top 10 by seasons end.

  22. Tommy says:

    I wouldn’t be talking so high and mighty if my team had just gotten it’s butt kicked by Utah. For a bunch of people who have elephants as ur mascots, u forget things very fast. USC will be the best team in the country like they are every year, and the Pac-10 will hardly be a “pee-wee” conference. I’d rather play the tide ANY DAY rather then play Cal this year, because unlike u guys they actually have an offense. We play both sides of the ball at USC, and just because teams in the SEC give u a short field every time doesn’t mean your amazing. 1. FLA 2. OAK 3. USC 4. TEX 5. LSU

  23. Irishfan10 says:

    I have seen notre dame in the top ten of some preview magazines and i dont agree with that but Notre Dame outside of the top 25? come on

  24. Irishfan10 says:

    I have seen Notre Dame in the top ten of some preview magazines which i dont agree with and i have never seen them outside the top 25 in any of these magazines which really dissapoints me that Notre Dame isnt in the top 25. I mean come on the WR are excellent the RB are good the QB is good and the D is solid.

  25. Thomas says:

    Hey tommy I’m a huge Florida fan and I hate alabama but USC is over rated every year. And so is the “pee wee” PAC-10. USC plays no one good all year. I wanna see USC play in the SEC for one year. They wouldn’t have a chance against bama or Florida. Or anyone else for that matter. USC might get away with beating vandy or miss state. But never Florida,LSU, bama or ole miss for that matter. Chomp ’em Gators!!!

  26. Casey says:

    Alabama is replacing 3 starters on the o-line, including their center…in a PRO-STYLE OFFENSE. that doesn’t jive well for a great season. they’re ranked way too high..i offer clemson 07 as evidence. brand new o-line doesn’t bode well for a pro-style attack.

  27. john d ramey says:

    oklahoma state has 8 home games!!!!! they are for sure top 5 team

  28. Big Ten Power House says:

    Just because Michigan had their first off season in 35 years they will beback.
    GO BLUE!!!!!!!

  29. Damien says:

    LSU is so overated. remember the season they had last year? Not so hot and they’re not gonna be to much better this year. Maybe a top 25 team. Also, Georgia will be a top 10 team If you ask me. Ole Miss will be a top 5 team at the end of the yaer and will play for the sec championship against Florida. Go Vols!
    #1 Florida
    #2 Texas
    #3 Oklahoma
    #4 Ohio State
    #5 USC

  30. kenny says:

    most of the 09 class is back but still ND is unranked


  31. CM13563 says:

    Just wait the Georgia Bulldogs are going to be the best football team this year. They will be the number 1 team ranked and undefeated

  32. picco says:

    How do you have Ohio ranked 4 and Penn state ranked 20?? This post is way off!

  33. Darryl says:

    No way Arkansas is not preseason top 10. They will lead the nation in scoring next year…guaranteed!

  34. Zakkkkk says:

    Alabama is way to under rated, really. I mean we won the national championship this year easily.. We’re gonnna be good for the next couple years, and ESPN and college football needs to realize that.. Roll Tide Roll

  35. Zakkkkk says:

    im also a huge SEC fan in general, but yes; LSU is over rated, highly. Me personally, i think auburn wont have a bad season in 2010-2011, i dont know why but i have a good feeling about them. Florida is going to be absolutely nothing without tebow, i promise you. Demps isnt that good, nor is their second string quarter back.. USC is much to over rated, pac-10 takes no talent if your in it. SEC will run the next couple of national championships, just because we’re obviously more physical and have more talent.

  36. mike says:

    to all you folks that don’t think florida will do any thing you are outside of your mine we just landed the number one recruiting class in the nation,and John brantly can throw the ball debose will play this year not to mention we got a kid out of georgia by the name mack brown. and the defense is loaded for bear bama will hold there own but i don’t see them repeating ingram will be a marked man in the sec i agree with you zakkk aurburn will be the team to watch out for in the sec i am a huge florida fan but aurburn always worry me they always gives us a run for are money hey pac ten fans the sec put 3/4 of the conference in bowel games and walked away with a 6 and 3 win lose recored top that.

  37. Tyler says:


  38. g3ars75 says:

    arkansas should be rank go razorbacks

  39. Crispy27 says:

    Why not the badgers in the top 25? They don’t lose anybody except for the TE on offense and only a few players on defense. How are they not in the top 25?

  40. joe says:

    uhh..duh miami should be in the top 20. We have a great QB a nice run game and a nice D.FSU shouldnt even be ranked.

  41. Stefan says:

    How is Nebraska not top 10? They would kill teams that are ahead of them like michigan st. and Oklahoma St. And wheres Boise St?

  42. Nik says:

    1. Alabama 2. Texas 3. Flordia 4. Boise State 5. Ohio State 6. Iowa 7. LSU 8. Flordia 9. WV 10. Oregon
    I am a big a Iowa fan and all the reading I have done they are way better than 11. Where is North Carolina? Texas I hate but they
    should be up there flordia is not that good are they?

  43. Carolina Cock n Fire says:

    I really believe that people are underestimating South Carolina as well. I don’t think that they should be ranked in the top 25 by any means right now but, they are often over looked and many times hold big SEC teams to low scores. They’ve got one of the best defenses in the country and a load of talent on the offense. Some changes in offense play calling will help and I think the new O-line coach will help too. I think they can make a solid run for the East if the O-line does its job. S.Car and Auburn have the potential to upset a lot of big teams if underestimated. Go Cocks!

  44. Butter says:

    The person or persons who came up with these rankings is NOT TO SMART!!!!


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