NCAA 10 Top 25 – Overrated and Underrated Teams

Now that we’ve had some time to look at EA’s top 25 rankings for NCAA 10 (you can view them here), we’ve come up with a list of teams that we think are either overrated, underrated, or got snubbed entirely. Let’s dive right in:

– The Cougars are the top ranked team from the Mountain West at #17. While we think BYU is top-25 worthy, we think 17 is a bit too high, especially considering they are ahead of both TCU and Utah. BYU opens the season against Oklahoma, and also get Florida State early on. Two losses in their first three games will likely drop the Cougars from the top 25, and they will need to spend the rest of the season climbing back up the rankings. QB Max Hall is the best QB in the conference, but we think BYU loses at least 3 games and finishes the season in the 20-25 range at best. Our Pick: 20-25

UNDERRATED – #18 Georgia Tech


– Paul Johnson’s option offense took the ACC by storm last year. Despite an entire year’s worth of tape to study for opposing defenses, we think the Yellow Jackets offense will keep right on clicking this fall (just look at the improvement Johnson’s offense made in year 2 at both Navy and Georgia Southern). All of the key pieces return on offense and the back 7 of the defense are all back. GT gets both Virginia Tech and UNC at home this year, and could easily carry a top 10 ranking into the season finale against Georgia. Our Pick: 10-15

– No one can deny LSU’s talent and potential, but a top 5 preseason ranking is a little high in our opinion. The Tigers disappointed last year with a 7-5 regular season and only 3 conference wins. The bad news is the SEC slate doesn’t get any easier this year, and with road games at Georgia, ‘Bama, and Ole Miss and a game against the ‘Gators sandwiched between Georgia and Auburn, the Tigers could drop 3 or more and find themselves on the outside of the top 10. LSU certainly has the ability to win the SEC West and make a run at a BCS bowl, but we don’t think it happens this year. Our Pick: 10-15


UNDERRATED – #12 Oregon
– Anyone who read our Pac 10 preview knows we are super high on the Ducks this year. 12th isn’t a bad spot to put them, but we think they are worthy of a top 10 ranking. Yeah yeah, we know it’s Coach Chip Kelly’s first year and they have questions on the offensive line and lose a lot on defense, but the Ducks still have the potential to go BCS-bowling. Jeremiah Masoli presents as big of a match-up problem as any QB in the nation, and LeGarrette Blount is a load at RB. We think the transition to Kelly from Mike Bellotti will be seamless, and the defense has shown this spring that they will be able to hang with the offenses in the rest of the conference. If the Ducks can avoid an opening-week letdown at Boise State they will be primed for a run at the Pac 10 title and a birth in a BCS bowl. Our Pick: Top 8

SNUBBED – Notre Dame
– ND’s schedule is widely considered to be as soft as Andre Smith’s “abs” at the NFL combine. While some have the Irish in the top 10 (we’re looking at you, Phil Steele), EA has them out of the top 25 completely. We think the Irish will fall somewhere in the middle. Jimmy Clausen leads an offense that returns a ton from last year, and the team’s athleticism should be much improved all the way around. The game against USC will show that the Irish still have a long way to go to be considered elite again, but Charlie Weis’ team will ride a relatively easy schedule to about 8 wins and could make a run at a BCS bowl. Our Pick: 20th

One thing to keep in mind is that “our picks” are where we think the team’s will finish the season, so we were able to factor in the schedule and other variables that EA may have left out in their pre-season rankings.

Some honorable mentions include Virginia Tech (underrated) and Penn State (overrated). We are very high on Virginia Tech this year and think they can make a run at the National Championship, but their rough non-conference schedule and the potential of Georgia Tech and UNC kept us from arguing against the Hokies #10 ranking. Penn State loses a lot of talent, but with Darryl Clark and Evan Royster back to lead the offense and a potentially dominating D combined with a cake non-conference schedule and relatively easy conference slate, we think they can hang around the top 10 all season. If the Lions played anybody outside of the conference we would want them lower in the rankings, but as is we think they have the pieces to make another BCS bowl.

Sound off in our comments section to tell us who YOU think is overrated or underrated, or let us know how wrong we are with our picks. Be sure to check back regularly as we continue to update information on NCAA 10 and talk the 2009 college football season!

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11 Responses to “NCAA 10 Top 25 – Overrated and Underrated Teams”

  1. Jake says:

    Im a GT and yes they are very underrated team. everybody is banking on VT NC and Miami but Im telling everyone GT is better than all of them and will beat FSU in the ACC Champ game and win the National Title. write it down. I can say LSU is overrated but they did stomp GT in the bowl game but that doesnt matter. VT could beat them and if GT would show up to play they would beat them too. just watch GT 14-0

  2. Kreebs says:

    Iowa is very underated. We lost 4 offensive and 3 defensive players from last years top 25 finish. Even though we lost Shonne Greene, we have plenty of replacements with Jewel Hampton (as long as he’s not injured), Jeff Brinson, and Brandon Wegher. We have one of the best if not the best linebacker trio. We have one of the best secondary. Our only question is our defensive tackles. Our offensive lines is the best in the nation led by one of the best if not the best tackles in football Bryan Bulaga.

    Drew Miles Reply:

    Kreebs, we considered Iowa (especially since we are Iowa fans here at GameRosters), but what stopped us from including them is the rough road schedule. Road games @ISU, Penn State, Michigan State, Wisconsin and Ohio State make up a brutal road schedule this year.

    Like you said though, the defense should be great, Bulaga is a future 1st-round pick, and the running game has plenty of talent. But Stanzi will have to prove he can take on more of the load this year without Greene.

  3. Brian says:

    Oregon is going to be so much better than people think this year. Yeah the stats show that they only have 5-5 returning on O and D but the real fact is they have 10 offensive guys who HAVE started and 8 on defense who HAVE started at times. That’s how these guys come up with rankings. If they’d see that, Oregon would be considered a top 4 team…which truly, they already are. I really think Oregon could go all the way this year.

  4. Chicken says:

    Where the crap is Auburn? yall know they are the best and always will be.

  5. Jack says:

    Auburn’s going to suck, Chizik is 5 and 19 as a head coach. Terrible choice.

  6. Punchy says:

    Why doesn’t EA match the top 25 to their abilities? A team in the top 25 on this game may or may not be good in relation to the other teams. It really doesn’t make sense.

  7. jdub says:

    on NCAA 10 Rutgers is a very underrated team fast running QB, and fast Rb, also a decent defense but not great, o-line is also decent, but also not great.

  8. Brian You're Joking Right says:

    Oregon? You cannot be serious. I do not care if they are returning 11-11. Hell they could return Joey Harrington. It does not matter how many you return if you’re a mediocre team. And the reason that top 25 rankings do not match up with a team’s abilities is because top 25 rankings are simply trying to guess the final record of the teams. The truth is that no top 25 team would be selected from the PAC 10 (excluding USC) if this were not the case. Rankings are simply guessing that teams from the PAC10 will finish with good records at the end of the year because their conference is also filled with inept losers.

  9. jordan says:

    ok your talking about underated?
    Alabama look they had one of the best seasons in 2008 12-2 lost to florida and then utah because they had 2 bye weeks but still look at them this year number 2 should ea give them better?


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