Big 10 Conference Football Predictions – 2009 Season

The Big 10 has several football teams who may be able to challenge for the conference title in ’09, and this is how it actually played out….

Champion – The Ohio State Buckeyes (7-1): Tryrell Pryor consistently gives Big 10 defenses fits. Ohio State’s defense steadily improves throughout the season. The Buckeyes enter their usual BCS bowl season on somewhat of a sour note however. Michigan hands Ohio State their first conference loss in the season finale, costing them the their chance at yet another BCS Championship game appearance.


  • T-2. Iowa (6-2): The Hawkeyes are able to put together another solid season under Kirk Ferentz. Iowa’s offense explodes out of the gates, and the Hawkeyes get through non-conference play without a scratch. Impressive wins @Penn St and @Wisconsin push an undefeated Iowa into the top 10 rankings by mid-October. But a loss @Michigan St and @Ohio St kill Iowa’s hopes for a BCS bowl birth.
  • T-2. Penn St (6-2): Penn St suffers an early loss to Iowa, but then really takes the meat of their Big 10 schedule by storm. The ground game, led by Evan Royster, proves to be even better than expected, and the young secondary really makes strides in the second half of the season. The Nittany Lions suffer a close loss to Ohio State in November, but they finish the season strong with an impressive victory over Michigan St.
  • T-2. Michigan St (6-2): The bad memories of John L. Smith are almost gone. The Spartans end up being one of the bigger surprises of the Big Ten in ’09. The loss @Minnesota left many scratching their heads, but Mark Dantonio appears to have the Spartans heading in the right direction. The defense continued to impress.
  • 5. Michigan (5-3): Rich Rodriguez had a bit of a slow start, but with the offense finally hitting on all cylinders the Wolverines finished the season with a bang. Michigan wins their final four games capped off with an upset over Ohio State.
  • 6. Illinois (4-4): Juice Williams continues to battle with inconsistency as Illinois churns out another mediocre season compared to the inflated expectations of Illini fans. The defense played great at times, but untimely turnovers and penalties cost Ron Zook’s squad several close games.
  • T-7. Wisconsin (3-5): It wasn’t a secret that John Clay was supposed to be one of the best backs in the Big 10 entering the 2009 season, and he was proved to be just that leading the Big 10 in rushing yards and yards per carry. But the Badgers just couldn’t find a quarterback they could hang their hat on, and the defense just didn’t do enough to win what turned out to be numerous single digit losses.
  • T-7. Northwestern (3-5): The Wildcats entered the ’09 season with high hopes, especially with both Michigan and Ohio St not on the schedule. The defense turns out to be one of the best in the Big 10, but the offense has trouble finding replacements for Tyrell Sutton and 2008’s veteran receiving corps.
  • 9. Minnesota (2-6): Things weren’t expected to come easy in ’09, but it didn’t end up panning out how Tim Brewster anticipated. The Gophers were the causalities of a brutal road slate with games @Penn St, @Ohio St, and @Iowa.
  • T-11. Indiana (1-7): It wasn’t too long ago that many coaches around the Big 10 were really worried about what might become of Indiana. Indiana had a great coach in Terry Hoepner, and it appeared that the program was definitely ready to start competing with the top half of the Big 10 year in and year out. But Indiana hasn’t really been able to recover after Hoepner’s unfortunate passing.
  • T-11. Purdue (1-7): Joe Tiller didn’t exactly leave Purdue with a bare cupboard, but the talent in West Lafayette isn’t anything to write home about. Purdue struggles in Danny Hopes first year at the helm.

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13 Responses to “Big 10 Conference Football Predictions – 2009 Season”

  1. Scott says:

    Michigan State may not win all its games, but no way to the Spartans lose that sorry bunch from Minnesota. And Michigan beat Ohio State next year? Oh my, nothing like going out on a limb!

  2. Greg says:

    Big Ten will come down to Ohio State and Penn State again this year with OSU probably winning in Beaver Stadium Nov 7.

    Iowa’s going to get demolished in Happy Valley this year. Late September, under the lights, revenge game, PSU’s receivers will be better then you think this year. Finally some serious size in Derek Moye.
    Secondary will have 3 cupcake games to get comfortable, besides all but 1 have played plenty of downs.

    1. OSU
    2. PSU
    3. Northwestern
    4. Minnesota
    5. Michigan State
    6. Michigan/Iowa

  3. Bailey says:

    LOL. Michigan will win 2 games this year. I go to school there and the players hate their coach. They have horrible coaching and they treat their players like crap. Dickrod will lose his team again this year.

  4. Totally agree Michigan comes on strong at the end of the season.. A couple big road wins could have them up to #2 or #3… Still rebuilding year but they got plenty of young talent coming in.. Look out 2010

  5. Nick says:

    I know Purdue will be down this year, but come on, 1-11? You honestly think that we’ll loose to either Toledo or Northern Illinois and then loose every B10 game including IU? Pretty harsh, especially for a team that should have a fairly decent defense.

  6. Nick says:

    My bad, I thought you said 1-11, not 1-7

  7. Rick M. says:

    With a pretty good offensive line, experienced defense and a new coach that has much of the Boiler squad thinking in a positive light, I can see my Boilers pulling an upset or some near-misses. But ultimately, the bottom three spots in the B10 is probably about right. (Altho not behind IU in my estimation). A “huge” season for first-year coach Hope would be a 5th place position at the end of the conference race and a lower-tier bowl invite. From that point on, the new coach might have made some believers about some future top-level recruits and land a couple that turn the program back around, a la Drew Brees.

  8. Mike says:

    Um….Iowa will get nowhere near top 10 because they won’t escape out of Ames with a win.

  9. Eric says:

    “Um….Iowa will get nowhere near top 10 because they won’t escape out of Ames with a win.”

    Ok Mike, slowly put down the reefer (or whatever it is you’re smoking), and walk away. Yes, Iowa’s played our red-headed step-children about as poorly as possible over the last 10 or 12 years, but ISU cupboard (if there is such a thing in lAmes), is stone bare. Iowa’s returning more players than any in recent history. Add to that the new coach at ISU, and it will certainly be a year of rebuilding in Ames. Iowa wins this by 4 TD’s this year.

  10. Jordan says:

    how can anyone say iowa is going to finish numer two

  11. Ryan says:

    THis is redicoulous. Penn state could easily have one of the best option attacks in the history of the big ten. Daryl Clark is an incredible vetran leader and makes the best decions of a QB in the last 10 years at PSU. Bottom Line OSU Goes undeafeated PSU has one loss and both get into BCS bowls. OSu in the NAT’L Championship against Florida and PSU in the Sugar bowl against Alabama


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