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EA Football 12 Giveaway Winners

Sunday, June 19th, 2011

Congratulations to this year’s winners of the EA Football 12 Giveaway. Here’s the lucky winners:


The (3) winners for our free copy of NCAA Football 12 Giveaway:

Jayson Boyd

  • Jayson Boyd of Murray, UT
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Kevin Kimble

  • Kevin Kimble of Brookhaven, MS
    “Gamerosters has given me and my friends hours of realistic NCAA Football excitement. The rosters are accurate and very detailed. I would recommend Gamerosters over other so called competitors.”
  • Stephen Vogt of Wichita, KA
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For those of you who did not win… we appreciate your participation. Remember – the release of NCAA Football 12 is less than three weeks away. Have more fun playing NCAA Football 12 this year and play with the real name NCAA 12 rosters. Beat the release date rush and save $10 if you pre-order today. Offer ends July 6th, 2011.



College Football’s Top Non-Conference Games of 2011

Friday, June 10th, 2011

As the time continues to tick away on the start of the 2011 college football season, our attention has turned to the biggest non-conference games of the season. Once again the first few weeks will be filled with huge match-ups that will help shape the title picture. Check out our list of the top 5 must-see non-conference games this fall:


5. Alabama @ Penn State, September 10th
Any time Nick Saban matches up with Joe Paterno, it’s worth tuning in. Despite last year’s 24-3 score and a potential dominant Tide defense this year, PSU shouldn’t be dismissed as a non-threat in this game. Turnovers doomed the Nittany Lion offense in last season’s meeting, and the crowd at Beaver Stadium will be a force. No matter the outcome, the outstanding tradition of both teams combined with two of the best coaches in the business will make this one a must-see.

4. Texas A&M vs Arkansas (Arlington, TX), October 1st
An old Southwest Conference rivalry renewed, this game will be the biggest meeting between these two teams in over 20 years. Both teams figure to be ranked in the top 15-20 for this contest, and both have the playmakers to entertain a national audience. Unfortunately for both teams this one is sandwiched between two tough conference games for each, but this old-school rivalry should turn out to be one of the most exciting non-conference games all year.


3. Boise State vs. Georgia (Atlanta), September 3rd
If there is one thing Boise State has proved to BCS schools over the past few years, it’s that the Broncos come to play for big-time games. This year their one game on a national stage is against the Bulldogs. Georgia is coming off their worst season under Mark Richt and has seen its record fall for four straight seasons, but the Bulldogs are poised for a rebound this fall. If QB Aaron Murray and RB Washaun Ealey can match Boise’s Kellen Moore and Doug Martin, this one could turn into one of the best games of the season.

2. Oklahoma at Florida State, September 17th
Last season the Sooners dismantled Florida State in Norman, and Oklahoma are the early favorites to be ranked #1 coming into this game. This game will have early national title implications for both teams; the winner should be near the top of the polls for the rest of the season. Coach Jimbo Fisher has FSU back on the rise though, and the Seminoles should make this one more of a game this time around. The Oklahoma offense may still prove too much for FSU to overcome, but a win here would put them into the top 5 heading into a manageable conference schedule.

1. LSU vs. Oregon (Arlington, TX), September 3rd
There is no better way to start the college football season than a matchup of two likely top-5 teams on a neutral site. A game between these two teams would be one of the highest profile BOWL games, and we are lucky enough to get it on opening weekend. An Oregon win would show that the Ducks are a serious threat to return to the national championship, while an LSU win would reinforce the SEC’s position as kings of college football and set the Tigers up nicely for a murderous schedule.


NCAA Football 12 Team Ratings

Thursday, June 9th, 2011


Team Rating Offense Defense Sp. Teams Prestige
1 Oklahoma A+ A+ A A 6
2 Alabama A+ A A+ B- 6
3 Stanford A A+ B+ B+ 4
4 LSU A B+ A- B- 6
5 Oregon A A+ B+ A 6
6 Ohio State A A+ B+ B 6
7 Oklahoma State A- A B A 4
8 Boise State A A+ B+ B 5
9 Texas A&M A- A B+ B 4
10 Florida State A A B+ A- 5
11 Wisconsin A- A- B+ B 5
12 Auburn B+ A- B+ B- 6
13 South Carolina A A B+ B 4
14 TCU A- A B+ B 5
15 Michigan State B+ A- B B+ 4
16 Nebraska B+ B+ B+ B- 5
17 Virginia Tech A- B+ B+ B- 5
18 Arkansas A- A B+ B 4
19 Mississippi State B+ B+ B+ B- 3
20 Florida B+ B+ B+ B 6
21 Notre Dame B+ B+ B B 5
22 Texas B+ B+ B+ B+ 6
23 Missouri B+ B+ B- A+ 4
24 NC State B+ B+ B B- 3
25 Arizona State B+ B+ B+ C 3
26 West Virginia B+ B+ B B 4
27 Georgia B+ A- B A+ 5
28 Penn State A A- A- B- 6
29 USC A- B+ B+ C 6
30 UCF B+ B+ B C+ 3
31 Utah B+ B+ B B 4
32 Clemson B+ B+ B+ B 4
33 Michigan A- A- B+ B 5
34 Miami A A- A- B+ 5
35 Northwestern B+ B+ B C+ 3
36 Tulsa B B B B- 3
37 Northern Illinois C+ C+ C C+ 2
38 Iowa B+ B+ B B- 5
39 Hawai’i C+ C+ C+ C 2
40 Maryland B+ B+ B B 3
41 Tennessee B+ B B B+ 4
42 Air Force B- B B- C+ 3
43 Baylor B B+ B- B 2
44 Georgia Tech B B B C 4
45 Oregon State B+ B+ B B+ 3
46 Pittsburgh B+ B+ B+ B- 3
47 Connecticut B+ B B+ B 3
48 Texas Tech B B B B- 3
49 Washington B+ B+ B B- 3
50 Nevada B B B C+ 3
51 Kansas State B+ B B B- 3
52 Houston B B+ C+ B 3
53 North Carolina B+ B+ B+ B+ 4
54 ECU B B+ B- A- 3
55 Cal B B B B+ 3
56 Arizona B+ B+ B B 3
57 Virginia B B- B C 3
58 Navy C+ C+ C+ C+ 3
59 Kentucky B B B B+ 3
60 Ole Miss B+ B+ B B 3
61 Illinois B B B- B 3
62 Louisville B B- B B 3
63 Syracuse B- B C+ B- 3
64 BYU B B B- B- 4
65 San Diego State B- B C+ B- 2
66 USF B+ B B B 3
67 Boston College B+ B B+ B- 3
68 Fresno State B B B- A+ 2
69 Cincinnati B+ B+ B- B- 3
70 SMU B+ B+ B B- 3
71 Miami Univ. B- C+ C+ C- 2
72 Troy B- B- C+ B 2
73 Ohio C+ C C+ C+ 2
74 Rutgers B B+ B- B 3
75 Army C C C C- 1
76 Kansas B- B- C+ C+ 2
77 Iowa State B- C+ B- C 2
78 Purdue B B- B B- 3
79 Minnesota B- B- B- D 2
80 UCLA B B B- B 2
81 Temple C C+ C B 2
82 Wyoming C- D+ C C+ 2
83 Indiana B- B C+ B- 2
84 Wake Forest C+ C+ C+ C 2
85 Vanderbilt B- B- C+ C+ 2
86 Southern Miss B B C+ B 2
87 Colorado State C+ C+ C+ C+ 2
88 UNLV D+ D+ D+ C 2
89 Colorado B- B C+ C+ 2
90 Marshall C+ C C+ C 2
91 Western Michigan C+ C+ C+ C 1
92 Duke B- B+ C+ B- 2
93 Washington State C+ C+ C D 1
94 Central Michigan C C C- D+ 2
95 Tulane C- C- C- C- 1
96 FIU C- C D+ C- 1
97 Toledo C+ B- C+ C 2
98 Louisiana Tech C+ C+ C+ C- 2
99 Idaho C C C+ C- 1
100 Mid Tenn State C C C+ B- 1
101 Arkansas State C C+ C D- 1
102 UTEP C C C+ C 2
103 Bowling Green C- C- C- C- 2
104 Kent State C C C- D 1
105 Ball State D+ D+ C- C- 2
106 Utah State C C C- C- 1
107 UL Monroe C- C C- D 1
108 Buffalo D D D D+ 2
109 UL Lafayette C- D+ C- C- 1
110 Rice D+ C- D C- 2
111 Florida Atlantic C- C- D+ C 1
112 Memphis D+ D+ D C 1
113 North Texas C- C- D+ C 1
114 San Jose State D D D D 1
115 UAB C- C- C C- 1
116 New Mexico D+ D+ C B 1
117 New Mexico State D+ D+ D+ C- 1
118 Western Kentucky C- C- D+ D 1
119 Eastern Michigan D D D D 1
120 Akron D D D C- 1



NCAA FB 12 Top 5 Overrated and Underrated Teams

Thursday, June 9th, 2011

EA Sports has released their Top 25 teams for NCAA Football 12. In this blog we will break down 5 of those teams that are overrated, underrated, or snubbed from the Top 25 completely.


Snubbed – West Virginia:
: The Big East is up for grabs every year it seems, and this year we think WVU will emerge on top. Though last year’s champion (Connecticut) was just 8-5, WVU has the talent in place to vault them into the top 15 range. We expect a stingy defense in Morgantown once again, and new offensive coordinator Dana Holgorsen may have the Mountaineer offense as deadly as it was with Rich Rodriguez and Pat White at the helm. Our Pick: 15-20

UNDERRATED – Virginia Tech: #17
This may seem like a risky pick considering the Hokies lost star QB Tyrod Taylor and a pair of top RB’s, but we think Tech will be a major threat for a BCS game this fall. The defense should be great as always and we think QB Logan Thomas and RB David Wilson will turn into a dynamic duo in their own right. Mix in the fact that the Hokies have a senior-filled offensive line and a trio of stud senior WR’s, and VT should find themselves playing for the ACC Championship. If they can avoid the early season slip-ups from recent years (ECU 3 years ago, James Madison last season), the Hokies may just hover around the top 10 all season as a NC dark horse. Our Pick: 10-15

Overrated – Auburn: #12
The simple fact that Auburn is this high at all is a testament to the recruiting classes Gene Chizik has brought in recently and the respect the Tigers earned last season. Unfortunately, Auburn will be one of the least experienced teams in the nation, with just 7-8 starters expected to return. Chizik has done a tremendous job turning Auburn around and brining in talent, but this year may be too soon for those blue-chip prospects to threaten for another title. We expect Auburn to establish themselves as a consistent threat for the BCS in the future, just not this year. Games at South Carolina, Clemson, Arkansas, LSU and Georgia sprinkled throughout a brutal SEC schedule will make it a certainty the Tigers won’t repeat. Our Pick: 20+

Overrated – Ohio State: #6
#6 might be a nice place for Ohio State, if not for the fact that Coach Jim Tressel is now gone as is QB Terrelle Pryor. Also several other players are suspended for 5 games. During that 5-game stretch is a road date at Miami and the conference opener vs. Michigan State. Both of those games would have been tough anyway, but now the Buckeyes may even be underdogs in both games. Add in road contests at Nebraska and Michigan later in the season and it will be a mighty feat for Ohio State to end up as the #6 team in the country. Our Pick: Not Ranked


Underrated – Missouri
The loss of top ten NFL draft picks Blaine Gabbert and Aldon Smith will hurt, but the Tigers are the team primed to step up in the new-look Big 12. Nearly all of the offense returns to help break in a new QB, and the defense may be as good as last year’s solid group. Tough games loom at Oklahoma and Texas A&M as well as at home vs. Texas, but the Tigers beat A&M and Oklahoma on back-to-back weekends last year and appear ready to step in and fill the void left by Nebraska. Our Pick: 15-20


NCAA Football 12 Rosters Questions

Sunday, June 5th, 2011

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Top 5 B+ Or Lower Teams To Use In EA FB 12

Thursday, June 2nd, 2011

Any user can win games with Alabama, Ohio State and Oklahoma, but crushing those teams with a lower rated one is much more fun. Our list this year is filled with traditional powers that have been down of late, but these teams will be deadly on NCAA 12. In the hands of a skilled user, each of these teams will give opposing players nightmares online or in dynasties.

1. Michigan – Denard Robinson. That’s all that needs to be said about the Wolverines to make them one of the more heavily used teams in NCAA 12. While it’s true that new coach Brady Hoke runs a pro-style offense that may not be the most suitable system for Shoelace, Robinson’s numbers from last season (2500 passing yards, 1700 rushing, over 30 combined TD’s) should make him a beast on NCAA 12. The UM defense will likely be in the B- range, but Denard will have plenty of complementary pieces on offense to make the Wolverines a scoring machine.

2. Florida – Jeff Demps and Chris Rainey will provide unmatched open-field speed and quickness for Florida users. Demps is virtually a lock for 99 speed and high 90’s acceleration and agility, and Rainey will be right there with him. The player that may be the most fun, however, is Trey Burton. Burton will likely have decent QB skills to go along with his ability to play WR, TE, FB and even RB. Mix in pocket passer John Brantley and WR Deonte Thompson and the Gators will have an offense that will fit anyone’s play style. The defense should be stout and have several playmakers, and the Gators have a deadly pair of kicking specialists.

3. West Virginia – Dynamic RB Noel Devine is gone, but with new OC Dana Holgorsen in town, the WVU offense could put up huge numbers. His teams are routinely at the top of the nation in total offense, and his offensive playbook coupled with QB Geno Smith will make Mountaineer users giddy on NCAA 12. WR Tavon Austin will be a speedy WR that can be used as a RB in the shotgun as well. WVU’s defense loses a lot from last season, but will be the best on this list and DE Bruce Irvin will make moving the ball on West Virginia’s defense as tough as slowing down their offense.

4. Notre Dame – The Irish offense will have two nicely rated QB’s, budding star Cierre Wood at RB, and a WR that figures to be one of the highest rated players on the game in Michael Floyd. Those weapons should make the Irish one of the highest scoring offenses in NCAA 12. Much like Michigan though, the defense will be what holds Notre Dame back on NCAA 12. Regardless of his supporting cast, LB Monti Te’o will be a beast and will make any user who likes to control a LB a major threat on defense.

5. Michigan State – MSU may have the best pro-style rushing attack outside of Wisconsin. The Spartans will go 3-deep with deadly backs, and all are a load to bring down. Mix in underrated QB Kirk Cousins and 3 solid WR’s and Michigan State is a pro-style player’s dream. Unfortunately the studs on defense – LB’s Greg Jones and Eric Gordon, among others – are gone, but DT Jerrell Worthy should be a stud up front. In the hands of a talented user, the Spartans offense will be so good at moving the chains that it will take over games and keep the defense off the field.