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NCAA Football 10 Post-Season Roster Update

Saturday, January 23rd, 2010

Brian Kaldenberg discusses’s “First Ever” post-season roster update. Get your NCAA Football 10 post-season roster update today!

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NFL 2010 NFC and AFC Championship Predictions

Thursday, January 21st, 2010

Minnesota Vikings vs. New Orleans Saints

Minnesota Defense vs. New Orleans Offense:The Vikings have a strong rush defense, but New Orleans doesn’t really try to pound the ball. Drew Brees likes to get the ball out quick, and I think Minnesota’s secondary is going to have trouble with all of New Orleans’ weapons. The Vikings have to get pressure on Brees to get the Saints out of sink…. I just don’t see it happening that often. Advantage New Orleans

Minnesota Offense vs. New Orleans Defense: The Vikings are so balanced offensively where does a defense even begin? New Orleans’ defense has played pretty well so far in the playoffs, but Minnesota is by far the most balanced and potent offense in the NFL. Advantage Minnesota

Intangibles: This game is at the Superdome, but don’t expect the Saints to be the beneficiary of home field officiating. Brett Favre in the Super Bowl is $$$ for everyone. Brett Favre vs. Peyton Manning is even better. Expect the Saints to get the short end of the officiating stick this weekend. Advantage Minnesota

Prediction: Minnesota 34 New Orleans 31

New York Jets vs. Indianapolis Colts

The Jets one dimensional offense will be their downfall. This game is in Indy which bodes well for Indianapolis, but ultimately Peyton Manning has been here before and his experience combined with the Colt’s potent passing attack will be the difference maker.

Prediction: Indianapolis 24 New York 17