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Top Five B+ or Lower Teams To Use In NCAA 10

Friday, May 29th, 2009

This one is tough. We had to leave out many good teams because we either think they’ll be A-‘s or they just weren’t good enough to make our top five. Here’s our top five B+ or lower teams to use in NCAA 10.

  • 1. Georgia Tech – With the new NCAA Football 10 additions this year to the flexbone formation, I think Georgia Tech is going to be used frequently. Quarterback Josh Nesbitt and outstanding running back Jonathan Dwyer return to an offense that is bringing back all 11 starters. Players who master the flexbone will love Georgia Tech. The Yellow Jackets also return all seven in their secondary.
  • 2. Iowa – The Hawkeye’s should be a solid B+ team in NCAA Football 10. Rick Stanzi returns as the quarterback, and he should be a solid passing QB with decent speed. Three return on last year’s offensive line including one of the nation’s top offensive tackles in Bryan Bulaga. The defense returns eight starters from last year’s #7 scoring defense in the nation. Iowa should be a solid all around team and will be a tough team to beat when they are playing at home.
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Broussard: LeBron and Kobe strive in the shadow of

Thursday, May 28th, 2009

Broussard: LeBron and Kobe strive in the shadow of

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Most Popular Teams in NCAA Football 10 Online

Thursday, May 28th, 2009 president Brian Kaldenberg breaks down what he thinks will be the five most used teams in NCAA Football 10 online.

  • 1. Florida – It’s even going to be tough for Seminole fans to avoid sneaking in a few games using Florida. 2008’s most dominate team in the nation returns its entire defense (yes all 11 starters) and Tim Tebow. Add the constant home run threat of Brandon James, the stable of talented backs, and Florida’s intimidating home field advantage to the mix and you’ve got what will easily be NCAA Football 10’s most heavily used team.
  • 2. Oklahoma – Bradford is going to one of the top passers in the game. The Sooners return 9 of defense, and the running back tandem of Chris Brown and DeMarco Murray will be able to wear down defenses. Many will enjoy wreaking havoc in the backfield with DT Gerald McCoy.
  • 3. Texas – A tough call between Oklahoma and Texas. Colt McCoy’s speed is what really makes Texas intriguing. Most people don’t realize how fast Colt McCoy actually is. The Longhorns will be loaded on offense with McCoy’s top target, Jordan Shipley returning. The defense lost too many in the front seven to be considered dominant, but the secondary remained in tact for the most part.
  • 4. Oklahoma St. – As you can see, the Big 12 South is looking pretty weak again this year. Outside of Florida, the Cowboys may have the second most explosive offense in college football. Dez Bryant is back at wideout, while Zac Robinson returns behind center along with running back Kendall Hunter. A total of 8 starters return to last year’s #6 offense in the nation.
  • 5. Ohio State – The Tyrelle Pryor show returns for season two. Ohio State lost Jenkins, Wells, Laurinaitis, and many others. But like most blue chip factories, the Buckeyes will reload. And Pryor will provide plenty of excitement.

That wraps up our top five most heavily used teams segment. Check back later this week for our “Top five B+ or lower teams to use in NCAA 10 online”. Agree or disagree with our comments? Well then let’s hear yours in our comments section below.


Inside, LLC with President Brian Kaldenberg

Friday, May 22nd, 2009

Take a tour of, LLC with its President Brian Kaldenberg.

“I forgot to say this in the video, but if any of our customers would like to leave a testimonial please do so in the comments section below. We always appreciate testimonials.”



Flex Bone Running and Passing in NCAA 10

Thursday, May 21st, 2009

The Scoop on Flex Bone Formation. New Passing and Running Upgrades in NCAA Football 10.


If you are one of the thousands out there that run the flexbone, you will appreciate the eight new formations and two hundred new plays that NCAA Football 10 has integrated. This weeks EA blog post by Anthony White examines all the new functions that utilize the quarterback, five offensive lineman, three running backs and varying numbers of tight ends and wide receivers.

White said “going into our current development cycle for NCAA Football 10 our top playbook priority was making sure our version of the Flexbone offense is a more accurate representation of its real life counterpart.” After taking a closer look at the actual coach’s game film of the Navy’s Flexbone offense, EA was able to figure out new formations, new plays and new player animations.

Here are the new formations:


College Football ’09 Hot Seat

Saturday, May 16th, 2009

2009 College Football Hot Seat

College Football coaches entering the 2009 season sitting “squarely” on the hot seat. Checkout our top 5 list below.

1. Charlie Weis, Notre Dame: After two lackluster seasons, Weis will probably have to win at least 9 games in order to keep his job.

2. Steve Kragthorpe, Louisville: Was Bobby Petrino just that good or has Kragthorpe just grossly underachieved the last two years? We think the latter.

3. Dan Hawkins, Colorado: 2-10, 6-7 and 5-7. Hawkins needs to win atleast 7 this year or he might be catching an early bus out of Boulder.

4. Randy Shannon, Miami: The canes showed improvement last year finishing 7-6 overall and 4-4 in ACC. But those aren’t the seasons Lee Sterling of Paramount Sports and other Hurricane faithful expect at The U. A less than stellar ’09 might spell the end for Shannon considering the talent he has to work with.

5. Gene Chizic, Auburn: You’re on the hot seat when you’re the coach at a second tier SEC school who just forced out their previous coach. A previous coach that was 85-40 overall and 52-30 in SEC play mind you. Chizic’s two dismal seasons at Iowa State won’t provide him a very long leash at Auburn.

Bonus: Two coaches that some fools think are on the hot seat.

Bobby Bowden, Florida State: I’d hate to see the coach until death contest between Bowden and JoePa come to a pre-mature ending, but the Florida State faithful seem to lack the patience and the class required to watch this thing play out. The roots probably run deeper than most people understand, and Bowden likely can coach at FSU as long as he wants. If you think Pete Carroll has had a pretty good run this decade… check out what Bowden did from 1987 through 2000.

Steve Spurrier, South Carolina: Really? Steve Spurrier on the hot seat… really? You try coaching against the likes of Alabama, Florida, LSU, Georgia and Auburn. Then throw in names like Nick Saban, Urban Meyer, and Les Miles into the mix and you’ll found yourself barely treading water in the SEC. Spurrier is just a hint under .500 in SEC play and has had led the Gamecocks to three bowls during his four year tenure.



NCAA Football 10: New and Improved Dynasty Details

Tuesday, May 12th, 2009

FB 10 Running

FB 10 Running

EA Sports has posted some insight into the Dynasty details of NCAA Football 10. The blog post by Dewiel said “A lot of what was tuned for NCAA Football 10 was feedback gathered from forums and community day.” Here is the lowdown on some of the changes according to the article “NCAA Football 10: Dynasty Details”.


  • *not come as highly rated
  • *the recruits will not just come in as freshman every year–they will grow into juniors and seniors
  • *quality of the school will be considered more
  • *40 times will be more realistic
  • *athletes will have more ratings for different position ratings


  • *Big East Champ is no longer tied to the Orange Bowl
  • *Big 12 schedule is now on a two year cycle
  • *According to the new rule this year, the Big 10 will not have night games in November
  • *Arizona State will not always play Cal and Oregon State on the road
  • *Additional rotations for conferences will be more realistic

Poll Logic:
Poll Logic has been tweaked to allow more early season movement as well as taking better account for the ranks or your opponents. For instance, an unranked team beating two highly ranked teams can now become ranked.

CPU Logic:
CPU Logic has been updated in how they recruit, handle their rosters, and simulate games

Due to the changes to recruits, progression changes were made such as: players with lower stats will progress faster; Team Prestige is a much bigger factor and position changes will no longer cause athletic attributes to go down

Share’s Mainstream Media Articles From 2009

Sunday, May 3rd, 2009

With NCAA 10 just around the corner, we here at, LLC are beginning to dig in for another busy summer. I want to take this opportunity to remind our loyal followers one last time about how appreciative we are. Last year just before the launch of NCAA Football 09 we were fortunate enough to be featured by several prominent news outlets including ESPN, USA Today, Yahoo! Sports, The Chicago Tribune and The Des Moines Register just to name a few.

We wouldn’t have been able to get this exposure without our outstanding customers. We want to thank each and everyone of you. If you haven’t had a chance to read the articles please see the links below.

USA Today –

The Chicago Tribune –

NBC Sports –

The Seattle Times –

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