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Top 10 College Basketball Coach Mafia Look-alikes

Tuesday, March 31st, 2009

Casino Mafia Movie

It’s March Mafia. We wanted to kick off our first blog post with a bang. So we’ve created a list of Mafia looking college basketball coaches that made it to the big dance in 2009*. Our formula was rather simple and straight-forward. Read on below to see the ranking criteria we used and our top 10 list of mafia look-alike bball coaches.

How we ranked ’em:

  • 1. Mafia like appearance
  • 2. Italian sounding last names will be given extra consideration
  • 3. Celebrity status / Popularity
  • 4. Coach must have competed in March Madness 2009 Tournament*
  • *We made one exceptions in regards to item #4

#10 Bruce Pearl

chicago mafiaPearl has a knack for peddling playing time. He has a slight mafia look to him. He’s animated on the sideline. Bruce Pearl had just enough to crack our list.

# 9 Jamie Dixon

pittsburgh-mafiaThe first of many Big East conference mafia look-alike coaches. Jamie Dixon is known for a fiery sideline act. He has the slicked hair going for him. Dixon has proven he can coach, but his inability to find consistent success in post season play leaves doubt about his clutch ability.

#8 Bob Huggins

bball mafiaHuggins is the guy who is always on the outside looking in… yearning to be accepted by the Mafia elite. He doesn’t have the looks, doesn’t have the name, and he doesn’t have a polished wardrobe. But Huggins is appreciated for doing the dirty work. The kind of work others aren’t willing to do, and that is what gets Mr. Huggins on the list.

#7 Mike Krzyzewski

mobstersMike Krzyzewski has a Russian Mafia feel to him. It must be the last name or something. The long-time Duke Blue devil coach is known for structured, fundamental basketball. His teams are sound in all facets of the game. Krzyzewski usually wears black business-like suits. He would resemble upper management mafia status.

#6 Mike Brey*

mafia lookalikeLeave it to Notre Dame to hire someone who looks like a cross breed between a Roman Catholic Priest and a Sicilian hit man. His last name doesn’t do anything for him, and Notre Dame’s 2009 free-fall definitely hurts his credibility factor.