PS3/Xbox 360 NCAA Football 2015-2016 Updated Rosters EA Locker Download Directions

In order to get our PS3/360 gamertag code you need to purchase our NCAA Football 2015-2016 updated rosters download. This roster is the most up-to-date and accurate roster available for this coming 2015-2016 college football season, and this roster works with the video game NCAA 14.

Experienced Users (working internet connection): If you already have your system hooked up to internet and you are familiar with EA Locker then all you have to do is start NCAA Football 14.

Novice Users (starting from scratch): We suggest following the directions below if you have never hooked your PS3/Xbox 360 into the internet before or you've never used EA Locker before.

1. Hook PS3/Xbox 360 Into Internet:

2. PSN Account (For PS3 users):

2. Xbox Live (For Xbox 360 users):

3. Start NCAA Football 14: